Making it a whole lot easier to request a fertiliser quote

Yara, the world’s leading fertiliser company, has made it a whole lot easier for farmers to request a quote for fertiliser.

The company has recently updated its website and with this comes the introduction of the ‘Request an Offer‘ feature. Once farmers have identified the type of fertiliser they are looking for – whether it’s for grassland or cereals – they can simply fill in a few details and request a quote.

Commenting on the new feature, Eva Ross – marketing and PR manager for Yara UK and Ireland – said: “It’s a really simple tool for any farmer looking to request a quote on fertiliser.

“After filling out a few basic details – such as their name, telephone number, address and email – it informs them of the 10 nearest Yara fertiliser distributors.

“Once the farmer selects a distributor, they will be provided with a quote within 48 hours. It’s also very useful for farmers who may not be aware of who their nearest Yara distributor is.

“Once the farmer has selected the merchant, three emails are generated. One is sent to the distributor, one to the local Yara area manager and one – a confirmation email – to the farmer.

“Within 48 hours, the farmer will be provided with a quote from the selected distributor,” she noted.

Yara Rewards Programme

Along with the Request an Offer feature, the company will launch its Yara Rewards Programme at the Cereals 2018 event in the UK this week.

Upon providing proof of delivery, farmers who purchase specific grades of Yara fertiliser – including the YaraMila SUPER BOOSTER and the YaraBela NUTRI BOOSTER ranges – will be eligible for a reward.

Eva explained: “Once a farmer creates an account and provides proof of delivery, he/she will be eligible for a reward.

“The rewards apply solely to the grades of fertiliser that are beneficial to the farm and the programme was developed to resolve deficiencies such as sulphur.

“Through our broad-spectrum soil analysis, we can test for sulphur deficiency and we have seen 60% of results come back ranging from slightly low, low to very low.

“There is a strong need for farmers to continue spreading fertiliser containing sulphur. Through the programme, we hope to encourage farmers to use complex compound fertilisers (CCF) where NPKS (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and sulphur) or NS (nitrogen and sulphur) are in each granule,” Eva concluded.