There are lots of ads for fodder on Done Deal at the moment, with prices ranging for 4×4 bales of silage from €18-23 at present with variations throughout the country depending on quality, age and location.

We spotted 60 bales for sale in Co. Mayo for €18, while bales in Co. Kildare have an asking price of €20. Farmers up around Longford can get 55 bales at €23 each or €1,200 for the lot. In Westmeath average prices advertised seem to be in the region of €20/bale, while those in Co. Monaghan are around €22/bale.

Down south, farmers in Co. Cork can get their hands on first cut silage bales at €19, while an ad selling 150 bales in Co. Limerick is asking for €22/bale.

If it’s hay you’re after, there is a large selection on offer, all over the country. Prices for hay at the moment are ranging around the €20-25 mark for bales, while small square bales are making around €3 each.

Sample prices:

  • Roscommon 50 bales at €20
  • Limerick €18
  • Mayo, small squares, €3
  • Meath €21
  • Cork €20
  • Wexford €25 organic hay
  • Tipperary €25

There is no shortage of straw for sale on Done Deal at present. Prices are currently ranging between €10-20 for 4×4 bales and €25-30 for 8x4x4 bales. As is usual straw prices are very dependent on location which prices at a premium in non-tillage areas.

Sample Prices:

  • Tipperary 4×4 €10
  • Leitrim 4×4 €20 delivered
  • Mayo €20 4×4
  • Kildare 8x4x4 550kg €32 (plus delivery)
  • Galway 8x3x3 €30
  • Louth 4×4 €12
  • Wexford 8x4x4 €25