Krone recently launched its new forage wagon the AX 310 GL/GD with a capacity of up to 31m³.

Like the rest of the Krone forage wagons in the AX range, the new option features the forward-sloping chain-and-slat floor. Krone claim the slightly sloping design reduces the distance through which the material flows from the rotor cutter into the wagon, leading to faster fills and lower input power.

As a result, the company says the AX models can be operated by 100hp+ tractors. Krone says tests prove that AX delivers a better cutting quality and a higher throughput than the Titan 6 swing arm wagon, although its input power has stayed nearly the same.

According to Krone, for a number of years now it has been observing an increase in demand for rotor wagons that are more powerful, harder wearing and more fuel efficient than swing arm wagons.

Further new features on the AX include a 760mm diameter feed-and-cut rotor that has six rows of tines. The tines are welded to the rotor and plated with Hardox steel, which the manufactures claim which brings excellent longevity. 32 knives spaced 45mm apart give exemplary cuts at minimum input power.

Another highlight of the AX wagons is the 1,700mm cam-trackless and low-maintenance EasyFlow pick-up of working width and five rows of tines. The EasyFlow pick-up unit benefits from an 80mm travel, which Krone says that allows even big swaths to be picked up in undulating fields.

An interesting feature on the new wagon is that the knife bank folds down and swings out to the side. This means the operator no longer has to walk around the machine to lock and unlock the bank on either side, because the unit is now controlled from the left machine side only. Here, the operator simply operates a lever that unlocks the bank and swings it out to the left for fast knife changes without tools.

The AX wagons have an articulated drawbar, which offers a 60cm ground clearance for safe clamping and without the pick-up pushing material. The drawbar hitches to hooks or pins as chosen by the customer.

Krone claim its discharge rollers are a well-proven technology. The GD versions of the AX model range feature two standard rollers, with a third roller being available as an option. The octagonal and 470mm diameter rollers spin at different speeds when unloading material. With the bottom roller spinning faster than the top unit(s), crops flow smoothly through the rollers and without blockages. The gearbox that drives the discharge rollers is protected by the main clutch on the driveshaft, which translates into a higher torque and higher discharge rates.

Krones PowerLoad loading system is available on all the AX models. Krone says PowerLoad actively controls the loading process relative to the current density of the compressed material as well as relative to the volume that is currently used. This way, the wagon is always filled to capacity. It also claims that the system helps inexperienced operators perform perfect loading jobs and use the equipment to capacity, thereby reducing the number of hauls and the consumption rate per tonne of crop.

Images: Krone UK