Irish heifers fall by over 11c/kg in the space of a month

Prices for R3 Grade heifers in the Republic of Ireland fell by 11.4c/kg to 377.6c/kg in the four week period leading up to September 25.

This is according to the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC), who also show that the north/south price divide increased to 16.7c/kg during the week ending September, compared to just 4c/kg the month earlier.

Prices in Northern Ireland increased marginally, by 1.3c/kg, leaving the price at 394.3c/kg, at a time when the euro was trading at 86p.

Meanwhile, in the week ending September 25, the average R3 heifer price in the EU was 375.7c/kg, back 1.6c/kg from 377.3c/kg at the end of last month, LMC figures show.

Both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland reported prices above the EU average, with a difference of 1.9c/kg and 18.6c/kg respectively.

On the other hand, the UK reported an increase in price of 6.7c/kg from the 417.9c/kg paid during the week ending August 28.

This brought the UK price to 424c/kg at the end of last week, holding a lead over Northern Ireland of 30.3c/kg and a lead over the Republic of Ireland of 47c/kg.

Source: LMC
Source: LMC

The differential between R3 heifer prices in the UK and the EU average widened from 40.6c/kg in the week ending August 28 to 48.9c/kg at the end of last week.

With regards to the EU deadweight Cattle Prices league table, Sweden managed to remain in top spot despite a price fall of close to 27c/kg over the space of a month.

The UK remained in second position, with Sweden holding a 49.4c/kg lead. Meanwhile, Northern Ireland remained in fifth position.

Both the Republic of Ireland and Denmark fell two positions in the week ending September 25, LMC figures show.

The Republic of Ireland’s price drop of 11.4c/kg saw them fall from sixth to eight position, while a fall in price of 19c/kg saw Denmark fall from eight to tenth.