The Irish Dairy Board Co-operative (IDB) has voted to change its name to Ornua Co-operative Limited.

It has also approved the adoption of a new corporate identity ‘Ornua’ and the official unveiling will happen on March 31.

A spokesperson for the Irish Dairy Board confirmed that as part of its business transformation strategy to prepare for the opportunities the post quota environment will bring, the Irish Dairy Board has completed a review of its corporate identity and, subject to member shareholder approval, plans to change its company name to Ornua in the coming months.

Ornua will be formally unveiled on March 31, the eve of the removal of European Union (EU) milk quotas.

The change, which was approved today (Monday), relates solely to the corporate identity, IDB said.

IDB says its corporate structure and portfolio of consumer brands including Kerrygold, Dubliner, Pilgrims Choice, Beo and MU will remain unaffected.

IDB has said it submitted its new company name, Ornua Co-operative Limited, to the Register of Friendly Societies for formal approval.

The Irish Dairy Board was formed in 1961 and its biggest success todate is the Kerrygold brand, which was launched in 1962.

The dairy co-operative, is owned by Irish dairy processing co-operatives and dairy companies and, through them, by Irish dairy farmers. The IDB exports to over 90 countries worldwide.