Interest in TAMS II ‘huge’ says Coveney (but will there be enough money?)

The interest already shown by farmers in the TAMS II farm investment grants which have been launched to date has been described as ‘huge’ by the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney.

Speaking at Moorepark ’15, he said the launch of the schemes has been a very positive and significant development for the sector.

Referring in particular to the Dairy Equipment Scheme launched last week, he said, it was a significant opportunity for dairy farmers.

“A lot of dairy farmers in Ireland are planning expansion and growth in the coming years. They want to invest in their business – upgrade their milking facilities, storage, refrigeration facilities and so on.

“What we have done is put €50m aside for a grant aid package which for dairy farmers will provide 40% grant aid assistance, while for young farmers under the age of 40, they can get 60% grant assistance, up to an investment of €80,000.”

The Minister said the key aim is the sustainable growth of dairy farming in Ireland to make sure family farm in Ireland can become more profitable.

“I do expect a big uptake of the grants.”

“If you look at the investment in the dairy sector and the investment that dairy farmers have made over the last four years. They have invested €1 billion.

“There is a huge appetite in dairy farming at the moment to invest for the future,” he said.

As to whether there will be sufficient funding to cater for the interest in the TAMS scheme, the Minister said he was taking a ‘wait and see approach’.

“What we have announced is a very big package,” he said.

He said that dairy farmers between now an September need to have their applications in for the TAMS Scheme. Then, he highlighted that they have three years to spend that money.