Voting across Ireland in the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) elections closes tonight.

According to a spokesman for the IFA some 945 of its 946 branches will have voted, which calculates as 99.8 per cent of branches to have voted.

The farming organisation came under fire this week when three Western branches put forward motions to boycott its elections over claims the farming organisation was not doing enough for small farmers.

Roscommon branch Granlahan met earlier this week and caused a stir by voting to boycott the elections. Two other western branches put forward similar motions. These did not get passed and election voting proceeded.

According to reports, tallies predict a drop in turnout overall. Counties that returned 80-85 per cent turnout in 2009 are struggling to get 45-50 per cent in the election so far, it has been reported.

The count takes place next Tuesday in the Castleknock Hotel in Dublin.