A strong trade for all types of hoggets was seen at Kingscourt Mart, Co. Cavan, on Monday evening (March 8).

Many of the hoggets on offer were over 50kg and were ewe hoggets. A top price of €171/head or €3.35/kg for three 51kg ewe hoggets was seen.

In general, prices for those 50kg plus hoggets ranged from €159/head up to €167/head. Hoggets weighing 47-48kg and like their 50kg plus counterparts, sold very well.

Prices for these lots ranged from €147/head up to €153/head. Store hoggets in the 40-45kg weight bracket made from €128/head up to €139/head.

Then, a couple of pens under 40kg came through the ring and sold from €87/head for 29kg up to €122/head for 38kg.

Sample hogget prices:

  • 11 at 51kg sold for €166/head or €3.25/kg;
  • Eight at 41kg sold for €128/head or €3.12/kg;
  • Eight at 52kg sold for €164/head or €3.15/kg;
  • 24 at 50kg sold for €165/head or €3.30/kg;
  • Three at 43kg sold for €137/head or €3.18/kg;
  • Nine at 35kg sold for €120/head or €3.42/kg;
  • Three at 51kg sold for €171/head or €3.35/kg;
  • Nine at 47kg sold for €147/head or €3.12/kg;
  • 16 at 51kg sold for €159/head or €3.11/kg.

Cull ewes

Next up after the hoggets were cull ewes. The heaviest ewe to come through the ring on Monday was 86kg and topped this section at €138/head. The heaviest of the ewes on the night (75kg plus) made from €120/head upwards. Store type ewes sold back to €50/head.

Ewes with lambs at foot

A strong entry of good quality ewes with strong lambs at foot were presented for sale at Kingscourt on Monday.

Ewes with single lambs at foot traded from €195/unit up to €250/unit, while ewes with twin lambs at foot exchanged hands at €205/unit and sold up to a high of €280/unit.