Grain growers support extension to catch crop planting deadline

The Irish Grain Growers’ Group (IGGG) has expressed the importance of extending the catch crop planting deadline under the Green, Low-carbon, Agri-environmental Scheme (GLAS).

Bobby Miller – the chairperson of the IGGG – stated that while he knows the benefits of these crops are increased by early planting, many farmers are under pressure to finish harvesting crops and gather straw.

Yesterday evening (September 10), at the Teagasc Crops Forum, Michael Hennessey of Teagasc stated that he understands that the Department of Agriculture has applied for a derogation on this planting deadline, but the response to this request is unlikely to come before September 15.

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Tillage farmers have had and continue to have a tough season; as a result, payment under the GLAS scheme will be important for incomes.

Miller encouraged farmers to try and sow catch crops as soon as they can, but noted that an extension would help farmers waiting to cut cereals, beans and spring oilseed rape and get straw off fields.

He added that, where possible, farmers should persist with oilseed rape planting which can help to mitigate risk and help with soil health.

Grain price

On grain price, the Co. Laois man noted that many co-ops and buyers of grain are now sitting around the table and deciding on grain prices. As prices have shown signs of positivity in recent weeks he asked that they support farmers in this difficult year.

“Co-ops must back their farmers and financially support them like they have other sectors in times of crisis. Current prices being mentioned are not good enough considering the year that’s in it. I’d like to see co-ops leading the way to show support for tillage farmers in this difficult time,” he stated.