Fodder crisis: Sourcing app shows extent of supply/demand imbalance

Farmers seeking to buy in fodder drastically outnumber those attempting to sell forage on a new sourcing app established by Herdwatch.

To help alleviate the burden of the fodder crisis on farms, Herdwatch has created a fodder platform to connect farmers who can help each other out.

The farm management app established a web page where farmers can advertise if they have extra fodder to sell or if they need fodder.

Entitled ‘Fodder Relief Exchange‘, the page allows farmers to put their contact details on lists to buy or sell, listed under counties for proximity searches.

A quick look at the platform shows that the list of those seeking to buy fodder is nearly 20 times the level of those selling, with over 200 seeking fodder compared to a mere 12 suppliers.

Sellers have to upload their name, their county, the type of fodder they have for sale – such as bales of silage, pit silage, haylage and so on – the quantity they are selling and their phone number.

For those seeking to buy in fodder, the procedure is similar; a farmer uploads their name and phone number to the list.

Herdwatch has announced that if you have fodder to sell, you can simply add or remove your details from the register on the company’s website. The page is updated on a daily basis.