Farmers in the flood-hit valleys of Glenelly and Owenkillew in Northern Ireland will receive departmental assistance to dispose of dead animals lost during the recent flooding.

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) announced the plan as part of the measures it has put in place to support farmers affected by the serious flooding in the northwest.

The department will arrange for the collection and disposal of the animals, provided farmers can arrange for the animals in question to be taken to a location which is accessible to large vehicles.

DAERA has decided to put this measure in place in order to prevent the development of animal and public health issues. Carcass collections will commence from Monday, September 4, onwards.

Farmers are reminded that this is not a compensation scheme. Those, based in the affected areas, interested in applying are invited to contact the department as soon as possible – before 4:00pm on Thursday, September 7 – to avail of this support.

Affected farmers are asked to call the department on: 0300-200-7840. They are then advised to ask for their local Divisional Veterinary Office (Omagh or Strabane) and provide details of the number and type of stock to be collected and a contact number.

The department has also provided farmers whose cattle drowned or are missing as a result of the flood with advice.

Drowned or missing cattle:
  • If cattle have died and you know their tag numbers notify the deaths in the normal way using an MC1 document or using APHIS online. If you don’t know the tag numbers of the animals tell your local DAERA office how many animals are involved;
  • If cattle are missing, inform your local DAERA office providing the number of animals involved and if possible their tag numbers;
  • Where the initial information provided to DAERA does not include tag numbers, these should be provided as soon as you know them.

As a result of the extreme weather conditions, the department is adopting a flexible approach to the late notification of animal losses from affected premises.

It is hoped that the recent measures announced by the department will help to ensure that late notifications of these events do not impact on cross compliance for the businesses affected.

There is no change to the current requirements to notify deaths and movements of cattle within seven days for herds unaffected by the flooding, DAERA confirmed.