A five-legged lamb has been born on a farm in Northumberland, northeast England.

What’s more, the extra leg also has an extra toe, and the lamb was born on what social media has dubbed ‘Twosday’ – February 2, 2022.

Showcasing the new arrival in an online video, a worker from Whitehouse Farm said it’s “all a little bit bizzare“.

“This little lamb has been born with five legs. And then, the extra leg, it has three little toes where normally, there would only be two.

“It’s quite an unusual occurrence but not as unusual as you think, because you do get as many animal as human born with additional needs it’s just you might not always see them,” she added.

In fact, on Easter Sunday nine years ago – which also happened to be April Fool’s Day – Whitehouse Farm welcomed ‘Quinto’, another five-legged lamb.

“I actually had a little shiver yesterday because the first thought I had was of ‘Quinto’,” a member of the Whitehouse Farm said on Facebook.

“It’s a good job I’m not superstitious or I would be thinking it was her reincarnated.”

The extra leg has three toes as opposed to the normal two

Otherwise healthy

The year’s special lamb, which was born a triplet, is otherwise appearing healthy. With that said she’ll be taken to the vet to make sure everything is alright.

It is unclear yet whether or not the extra leg, which sprouted on the left side on its little body, will cause her discomfort in the future.