FarmLand – Season 2 Episode 4

On tonight’s episode of FarmLand, as the turmoil and drama of Brexit continues to unfold in Westminster, the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, addresses farmer demands for clarity on emergency support aid for the beef sector.

On this, the minister frankly and openly states that he is “very satisfied” that the necessary EU committed supports will be delivered “quickly and directly” to the sector should the UK depart the EU in a disorderly fashion over the coming weeks.

Sticking with concerns centering on the long-term viability of the Irish beef sector, the minister also outlines his view on the “relationship” between industry leaders and the primary producer.

He also states the willingness to consider a review of the quality payment grid, if warranted by farmers.

Tonight’s show also examines the potential of farm diversification to help boost farm-gate incomes.

Barry Caslin Teagasc specialist in energy and rural development outlines the possibilities, pitfalls and considerations that farmers should take on board before embarking on such projects.

He says that farm diversification can not only improve income streams; but can also play “a pivotal role” in achieving sustainable rural areas and can assist in the reduction of Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Plus, our reporter Breifne O’Brien hops on a sky bike to get a bird’s-eye view of how businessman Padraig Giblin diversified his holding to create Derg Isle – a team building centre in Scarriff, Co. Clare

For Giblin, “if farmers use their land right, they can open a shop to the world”.