Delivering farmer revenue and a fair price to the supplier was one of the topics brought up at Bord Bia’s virtual Meat Marketing Seminar today, Friday, January 21.

Taking questions from those tuned in to the event – which would have been primarily beef processor staff involved in marketing – the speakers were asked: “Regarding the topic of licence to trade, delivering farmer revenue is growing in importance in France, do you see this topic arising in other markets?”

Answering the question, Danny Bowles, Bord Bia’s international insights and planning specialist, outlined: “Talking about a fair price to the supplier, the reality is, it stands out in some markets but not every market.”

It’s not universal but it is particularly important to the Irish shopper, the Italian shopper and the French shopper.

“In these three countries there is a closer connection between the consumer and the producer of the food, but in other markets, that connection is not as strong” the Bord Bia specialist explained.

The topics and speakers at today’s event were as follows:

  • 2022 meat strategy and plans – Joe Burke, senior manager, meat and livestock, Bord Bia;
  • The shifting balance between retail and food service – Nicola Knight, senior analyst, Food-To-Go, IGD;
  • Meat shopper insights and meat trends review – Danny Bowles, international insights and planning specialist, Bord Bia;
  • UK market update – Emmet Doyle, market specialist meat GB, Bord Bia;
  • European market update – Noreen Lanigan, regional manager Europe and North America, Bord Bia;
  • International markets update – Shane Hamill, regional manager Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Russia, Bord Bia.

Continuing, Bord Bia’s international insights and planning specialist said: “In Ireland, where the agri-sector is so important, you see in retail the ‘heroing‘ of the producer and the spotlight being put on producers in supermarkets. There is that connection that’s certainly of growing importance.

“In France and Italy where there is that rise in gastronationalism, that sense of making sure the farmer is getting a fair price is increasing in importance, but from a global standpoint, it didn’t really register hugely – but it depends on the market,” he concluded.