The ESB is reminding farmers to be safe this Christmas and to never take risks with electricity.

It says that in the home make sure your own electrical system is in good shape. Check that your safety trip switch – called a Residual Current Device (RCD) works by pushing the test button and that there are no damaged plug tops or frayed wires. If in any doubt, get in touch with a registered electrician.

When it comes to the overhead wires and poles that ESB Networks uses to supply electricity to everyone, it is reminding farmers that these poles and wires are never to be used for anything else.

If you are involved in putting up outdoor Christmas lights and decorations, make sure that you first check that there are no ESB wires nearby. Electricity is very powerful, that is why you must always keep a safe distance. Farmers are reminded to make sure outdoor wiring and equipment is properly rated for outdoor conditions and plug them into a portable RCD device for extra safety.

Storms and strong winds can cause damage to the overhead electricity wires and poles, so always be alert and keep your distance. Remember fallen electricity wires are live and therefore dangerous. Report it immediately to us by calling our emergency number: 1850 372 999.

Here are a few simple safety tips from ESB Networks:

1. Only use Christmas lights that are in good condition.

2. Check for frayed wires, loose connections, damaged or cracked plugs or transformers and replace immediately.

3. Reduce the chances of causing a fire and keep decorations and combustible materials well away from light fittings and other sources of heat such as heaters, fireplaces, candles.

4. Switch out all Christmas lights last thing at night and when leaving the house to protect against the risk of fire.

5. For extra safety. Always switch off and unplug appliances and other items when not in use.
6. Always unwind extension cords completely to avoid overheating and don’t overload sockets with adaptors or extension blocks.

7. Test your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms to ensure they are working.

Safety tips when outdoors – Always watch out for electricity wires and cables:

• Farmers are advised to always look up and watch out for overhead lines and electricity pylons and poles.

• Never use ESB Poles or wires to attach things to.

• Farmers are also reminded not to work near overhead lines or poles.

In the event of a dangerous situation, contact the ESB Networks 24-hour emergency number – 1850 372 999