The European Commission has allocated €186 million to fund the promotion of “sustainable and high quality” EU agri-food products next year.

The campaigns which will be selected for funding in 2023 will highlight products complying with key EU objectives such as sustainability, advancing animal welfare and promoting the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The 2023 annual work programme agreed by the commission today (Friday, December 16) will also continue to encourage “a shift to a more plant-based diet”.

Just over €83 million will be available for campaigns in the EU internal market, while a similar amount is earmarked for promotions in third countries.

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Countries and regions outside the EU that have high growth potential have been identified as “main promotion targets”.

This includes China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, North America, while New Zealand and Australia are also highlighted as new market opportunities for European exporters.

The commission noted that the UK remains one of the main markets for EU agri-food products, accounting for a quarter of exports from member states.


The commission has allocated funding of up to €28 million to stimulate consumer demand for organic products.

An additional €36 million will support the promotion of sustainable agriculture practices beneficial for the climate, the environment and animal welfare.

Selected campaigns will inform consumers of the various EU quality schemes and labels such as geographical indications.

Over €19 million will be specifically earmarked for the promotion of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The commission said that this sector is facing persisting challenges such as declining consumption and exports and a weak bargaining position with large-scale retail and processors.


The European Research Executive Agency is set to publish a call for proposals for 2023 campaigns in January.

The funding is available to “a wide range of bodies”, including trade organisation, producer organisations and agri-food groups.

The commission noted that campaigns about EU farm products are designed to open up new market opportunities.

The policy also aims to support the sustainable recovery of the EU agri-food sector.

Commenting on the funding, European Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski said:

“European farmers have showed great resilience in the face of several disruptions and high costs in the last year.

“The promotion of European agri-food products and their quality, in the EU and worldwide, is an important dimension of the commission’s support to farmers and producers.

“Our promotion policy helps them in finding new markets and spreading the reputation of their products.

“The EU is the world’s top exporter of agri-food products thanks to our productivity and recognised excellence,” the commissioner said.