There is a very mixed bag in store for the week ahead, as dry spells and scattered showers are forecast by Met Eireann.

The north-west of the country may be affected by some outbreaks of rain and drizzle, but the rest of the country is likely to remain generally dry.

That rain is set to rain gradually extend southwards this afternoon and evening. It is also expected to become milder through the day, with highs of 7º to 11º in southwest breezes.

It will be cloudy tonight with scattered outbreaks of rain and drizzle, as well as lows of 6º to 8º.

Meanwhile, drying conditions this week will be poor or moderate at best as a result of occasional showers and temperatures being less than 13º on most days, Met Eireann added.

Similarly, limited opportunities will be presented for spraying on account of the rain and windy conditions in the next few days.

Little change is expected this week in relation to field conditions, as most soils are saturated at present and many poorly-drained soils are waterlogged.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, is forecast to be cloudy and dry for most of the day. However, there is a risk of a few outbreaks of rain or drizzle occurring through the day. Temperatures may reach highs of between 10º and 13º in light south-west breezes.

Tomorrow night is set to be overcast and mild, with a moderate south-west breeze. It’ll be dry apart from a few spots of drizzle near Atlantic coasts, Met Eireann explained.


Mostly cloudy conditions will remain on Wednesday. Other than a little light rain over western counties, most areas are expected to be dry. The southwest breezes are forecast to freshen somewhat, but it’ll be mild.

Thursday is likely to be another cloudy, mild day. There is a danger of a batch of rain arriving in the west during the morning. This is then expected to spread east to all parts as the day goes on.

The rain will be heavy for a while, according to Met Eireann. The rain is set to have cleared east from everywhere by evening time.

On Thursday night, conditions may turn noticeably colder and frost will form in many areas.

Present signs indicate that Friday and next weekend will bring significant amounts of dry weather, as winds swing around to the north-west.

But showers will often affect places near north and west coasts; the midlands, east and south will be brighter with sunshine – though at the expense of night frosts, Met Eireann concluded.