Comer puts name forward for Fianna Fail selection in Europe

John Comer, the former president of the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers’ Association (ICMSA), has put his hat in the ring for a seat in next year’s European Parliament elections.

The dairy farmer, from Ballyvary, Co. Mayo, has been nominated to contest the elections as a Fianna Fail candidate by his local branch.

It is understood that the nomination was confirmed at a local branch meeting last weekend, according to the Connaught Telegraph.

The regional newspaper reports that Comer’s selection was proposed by Fianna Fail councillor Blackie Gavin and seconded by councillor Al McDonnell – both expressed high praise for the former farm leader who still holds a position on the European Economic Social Committee in Brussels. 

Various political parties and independent groupings have approached Comer about running as an MEP in the Midlands-North and West constituency, since his tenure at the helm of the ICMSA came to an end less than three months ago.

Speaking to AgriLand in recent weeks Comer said: “I love being at home and the luxury of not always being on the phone; but, long-term I still have a passion for representing people that I feel I am one of and that I understand.

I have been approached and I’ve been flattered by a lot of people asking what my plan is and if I would consider running.

“The feelers are being put out by all sorts of parties and the reality is I come from a mixed household.

“My traditions would be steeped in Fianna Fail, and my wife’s family would be very active members of Fine Gael,” he said.

Party politics

The father-of-three, who stood as president of the ICMSA for six years, stressed that he is a “firm believer” in party politics.

“I believe in the support of a party, more so than independents, in terms of capacity to deliver for the electorate and in terms of organisation and structure,” he said.

On this occasion, Comer – who describes himself as “extremely passionate about the future of Europe” – appears to be sticking to his personal political roots.

It is understood that the nomination will now go to the Mayo Comhairle Dail Ceantair for Fianna Fail for approval in the coming weeks.