Cattle marts: Good numbers met with an improved trade

Cattle marts around the country reported an increase in numbers with plenty competition among buyers driving the trade.

Large entries of dry cows have been reported, helped by the continued strong factory prices for cows.

Sales were reporting a good clearance of stock right across the board, as the quality of cattle on offer remains strong.

Carnew Mart

Over 750 cattle and 60 calves went under the hammer in Carnew Mart, Co. Wicklow, on Saturday, January 21, an increase in numbers on the previous sale.

High quality stock on offer during the sale was met with an improved demand compared to the previous week, while a special suckler sale also took place on the same day.

A full clearance of in-calf cows was seen on the day, with prices ranging from €1,300-1,650/head.

Suckler cows were being sold for between €850-1,650 at the Co. Wicklow mart, while prices for cows with calves at foot ranged from €1,250-1,800.

Of the 60 calves on offer, Friesian bulls sold for between €85-210/head, while continental bulls were making €270-455/head with continental heifers making similar money.

Beef cows were being sold for between €360-750 over their weight, as store cows were making €100-410 over their weight.

At Carnew Mart, prices of €650-950 over were reported for forward bullocks, as continental stores made €480-820 on top of their weight.

Meanwhile, trade for weanling bulls, beef heifers and store heifers was similar with prices of between €400-800 over received on the day.

Ballybay Mart

A good mixture of stock was on sale at Ballybay Mart, Co. Monaghan over the weekend.

The sale saw prices for bullocks ranging from €2/kg to as much as €2.70/kg, while bulls were making between €1.47/kg to €1.94/kg.

Heifer prices of between €2.15/kg up to €2.85/kg were also received, as fat cows continued to break the €2/kg mark with prices ranging from €1.87/kg to as high as €2.23/kg. 

The mixture of bull and heifer calves on offer generally made between €300-400, while suckler cows with calves at foot sold for close to €1,200. 

Sample Prices:
  • CH Bullock – 300kg – €810 or €2.70/kg.
  • LM Bullock – 590kg – €1,330 or €2.25/kg.
  • LM Heifer – 545kg – €1,250 or €2.29/kg.
  • CH Heifer – 450kg – €1,080 or €2.40/kg.
  • CH Cow – 1,065kg – €2,025 or €1.90/kg.
  • LM Cow – 710kg – €1,585 or €2.23/kg

Roscommon Mart

There were increased numbers on offer at the sale in Roscommon Mart on Friday, January 20, with an excellent trade for all classes reported.

Prices for bullocks ranged from €2.09/kg up to €2.27/kg, with lots making from €565 to €750 over their weight.

Heifers made from €475 to €1010 over their weight, as a brisk trade meant prices averaged from 2.28/kg to €3.06/kg.

Sample Prices:
  • LM Bullock – 690kg – €1,440 or €2.08/kg.
  • CH Bullock – 550kg – €1,100 or €2/kg.
  • BBX Heifer – 590kg – €1,200 or €2.03/kg.
  • LM Heifer – 480kg – €1,080 or €2.25/kg.
  • AAX Cow – 780kg – €1,255 or €1.57/kg.
  • BBX Cow – 910kg – €1,840 or €2.02/kg.

There was close to 100% clearance of a large entry of dry cows, with prices ranging from €1.54/kg to €2.06/kg or from €780 to €1,840 over their weight.