Case put on display at LAMMA its optional cab suspension system for its range of Farmall U Pro tractors, which feature a range of cab improvements as standard for 2014.

Case target its four-wheel-drive 99hp Farmall 95U Pro, 107hp Farmall 105U Pro and 114hp Farmall 115U Pro for livestock operations, mixed farms and smaller contractors. It says the machines offer outstanding versatility, performance, economy and comfort.

Case says the new cab suspension system improves ride comfort, reduces operator fatigue and allows full productivity to be maintained throughout even the longest working day. Case claim with 59mm of spring travel, the new Case IH system has been optimised to provide full suspension without increasing overall cab height, often a major consideration on farms where Farmall U Pro tractors are used.

According to Case the symmetrical design of the Case IH system uses the same components on both the left and right side of the tractor, providing significant advantages over conventional designs. The system incorporates a stabiliser in each of the mounting brackets, negating the need for struts running across the transmission, which in conventional designs can otherwise increase cab height by around 50mm.

It says dual stabilisers also eliminate lateral cab roll throughout the entire spring stroke and provide a high level of stability, which is of significant benefit when operating in hilly conditions or turning across steep slopes.

Case is also keen to note that its Farmall U Pro tractors also incorporate a number of significant cab upgrades. It says the instruments and shuttle lever now telescope with the steering wheel, the tilt and height adjustment for the steering column has been improved, the indicator stalk has been repositioned to the left of the steering column and the setting buttons are now on the right.

Alun Scott, Case IH Product Specialist, states: “A key feature of the U Pro is its premium-specification cab, which provides a superb operator environment, with full air conditioning, ergonomically-sited controls, best-in-class visibility and class-leading sound levels of just 72db(A). The availability of cab suspension further increases comfort levels and will be a popular option which will enhance the capabilities and appeal of these highly-versatile tractors.”