Case was a winner at the International Fair of Agricultural Machinery (FIMA) recently for its pivoting grain spout on the Case IH Axial-Flow.

It was awarded the ‘Technological Innovation’ award from, which distinguishes the best technical innovations in the field of agriculture and rural environment aimed at increasing productivity, improving workplace safety and minimising environmental impact.

According to Case, the pivoting spout unloading system has been specially designed to optimise the unload operation and make it easier. It is offered with the optional ‘high capacity’ unloading systems on the 230 range combines.

Case said by means of a small electric actuator, the operator can easily control the inclination of the spout of the unloading auger from inside the cab, adjusting the stream of grain from the auger into different areas of the trailer, as needed.

It highlighted that this system saves unloading time and reduces grain loss, even in unfavourable conditions (wind, small trailers, etc.). In addition, the ‘closed’ setting of the spout seals the unload auger totally to avoid grain losses.

Case said with the introduction of the pivoting unloading spout on Axial Flow combines all the difficulties met so far by the operator while working with small trailers and fixed spouts are now history.

It said the possibility of pivoting the spout into various positions reduces the number of operations which until now were necessary to keep the combine moving alongside a small trailer during the unloading sequence.

Adding that thanks to Case IH’s improvement of the unloading process the task is now done more quickly and with less fatigue for the operator.

Case is also confident this new unload technology allows the operator to correct the spout inclination on-the-go, significantly minimising the impact of wind and avoiding grain loss. It said this system is highly practical in windy conditions and with material such as rapeseed, which is particularly susceptible to high losses due to the small size of its grain.