The beef trade still remains strong in the country’s plants despite the kill being around 1,000 ahead of this week last year.

Plants are actively paying 430-440c/kg for heifers while steers are fetching 425-430c/kg.

The majority of factories are reporting strong numbers which are expected to increase in the autumn.

Denis Brennan of Slaney meats said there are good numbers of cattle available.

“We are slaughtering good numbers at the minute, but we are expecting more cattle as we move into the autumn on account of the late spring.”

The cull cow trade also remains buoyant. Procurement managers are paying 350-360c/kg for P grade culls and are paying 360-375c/kg for the O grades.

R grade cows are currently making 380-390c/kg while the quotes for U grade cull cows remains at 400c/kg.

beef price 2207

Cull cows 2207

The latest cattle supplies at export meat plants for the week ending July 20 were 29,000. This is an increase of almost 850 from the same week last year.

The steer kill is up almost 1,100 while heifer numbers are up roughly 600 head on this week last year.

Cumulative supplies to this date last year were 903,157, this fell to 862,832 last week which is a 4.5% drop in total kill.

In the UK, Bord Bia says the trade is remaining strong on the back of demand for steak cuts.

R grade steers a currently making 366p/kg or 525.31c/kg for the week ending July 11.

Bord Bia also report that the Italian trade remains slow due to reduced beef consumption and the continued Greece export ban which is having a negative impact on the fore quarter trade.

In France, Bord Bia says there is little change with increased focus on promoting rib and steak cuts.