Bull shot following road traffic accident in the North

A bull was shot on the M1 motorway last night, after it became loose and members of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) deemed it to be a concern to motorists.

A statement from the PSNI said that the westbound lane of the M1 was closed between the Lurgan junction and the M12 Portadown junction for a number of hours last night after a vehicle towing a trailer overturned.

Following the collision, a bull that was being transported in the trailer was loose on the motorway for a time, according to the PSNI.

A PSNI spokesperson told Agriland that police officers and others had attempted to safely remove the bull from the carriageway however, due to concern for the safety motorists, it was eventually necessary for an officer to humanely destroy the animal, after consultation with veterinary professionals.

The PSNI tweeted that the road had been closed following a road traffic collision and that diversions were in place.

In a second tweet, they warned motorists that there was a bull loose on the road and that officers were at the scene.

One person who was injured in the original collision was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The PSNI said that collision occurred at around 9.20pm and the road re-opened at 11.40pm.