Beef Plan members plan for ‘inaugural AGM’ in May

Members of the Beef Plan Movement have said that they plan to hold an ‘inaugural AGM’ on Saturday, May 15.

A communication to members says that Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Charlie McConalogue has been invited to speak, though he is yet to respond to the invitation.

In terms of the Beef Plan Movement dispute, this plan for an AGM is proposed by the camp that includes Beef Plan’s representatives on the Beef Market Taskforce, Dermot O’Brien and Enda Fingleton; as well as Eoin Donnelly and ‘removed’ company director Alan O’Brien.

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The communication on the proposed AGM says: “The planned date for the association’s inaugural AGM in March 2020 was postponed as part of a mediation process that was entered into to try and resolve some internal issues within the association.

“Now that mediation is considered over…the association is no longer precluded from holding our inaugural AGM,” it adds.

It is planned that the meeting would be held in line with the public health restrictions that are in place at that time – whether in-person, online, or a hybrid of both.


Part of the cause of the Beef Plan split is differing views on who is and isn’t a member.

Addressing this point, the communication says: “As the association’s membership list is incomplete, we expect that some individuals may therefore consider themselves as members but are not listed as members.

“Therefore, an open invitation will be issued…to all farmers who consider themselves to be members of the association. A sign-in sheet [written or electronic] will be used to record attendance.”

Rules of governance

The communication says that the first order of business in the meeting will be to “adopt rules of governance for the association”.

“Rules of governance have never been adopted by the association and in hindsight it is recognised that this a fundamental failing that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

“In advance of this [meeting] rules of governance will be circulated to any members that express an interest in contributing to the content of the rules and who intend on attending,” the communication says.