Arla Foods UK has held its on-account milk price for November at 23.04p/L.

Arla had increased its October milk price by 0.03p/L for its suppliers.

Ash Amirahmadi, Head of Milk and Member Services at Arla Foods UK, said that despite production slowing down and even declining in some parts of the world, global supply is still increasing.

“Milk exports from the USA and New Zealand have decreased while supply from the UK and mainland European markets continue to increase.

“After a couple of months of welcomed growth the market for commodity milk powders has stabilised as shown by the latest Global Dairy Trade auction.

However, the bulk cheese market is still under considerable pressure in Europe as a result of significant stocks and limited export opportunities partly due to the Russian ban on imported cheese.

“In Central Europe and in the UK retail markets have seen a positive development, particularly on liquid products, which has contributed to the much-needed stability in our farm gate milk price.

“As a business, we are continuing to build on the success of our farmer-owned marque here in the UK and globally across all our markets and our focus remains on building awareness of our marque on Arla branded products to help secure sales for our 12,700 farmers worldwide,” he said.

Arla Foods is a global dairy company and co-operative owned by 12,700 dairy farmers circa 3,000 of whom are British.

Majority of Irish co-ops hold milk price for September milk

Arrabawn co-op has held its September milk price at 26.00c/L and Lacpatrick has also held its September milk price at 26.25c/L.

Arrabawn has raised its base price for September milk from 25.87c/L to 26.07c/L (including VAT).

They follow Carbery, Dairygold, Lakeland Dairies, Aurivo, and Kerry Group in holding the milk price.

Carbery has held its milk price September at 28.9c/L while Dairygold has also held its September milk price, at 25.50c/L.

Glanbia will pay its member suppliers 25c/L including VAT for September milk – farmers with no shares will receive 24c/L.

This price is inclusive of a 1c/L Glanbia Co-Operative Society support payment to its members.

The Glanbia price is a 1c/L reduction on the 26c/L paid to suppliers last month.