The month of April was a fairly pleasant month overall across the country.

According to Met Eireann Rainfall amounts were below average in most places. The amounts as low as 50% below normal in some places. However in Cork rainfall amounts were above average, 37% above average in parts.

April was also a mild month. Met Eireann figures show that temperatures between 1 -1.7C above average. The highest temperature was 20.4C recorded in Newport, Mayo.

Looking ahead Met Eireann says today and the weekend will see a reasonable amount of dry weather. However it says that the forecast is not quite as optimistic as previously thought.

Click below for Met Eireann’s weekend forecast Today
Generally cloudy and misty this morning with some fog patches in places. Rain will develop along the west coast later this morning and extend into the western half of the country during the afternoon and evening. Highest temperatures today 12 to 14 degrees in light southeasterly winds.
Pathcy light rain and drizzle in places overnight. Lowest temperatures of 7 or 8 degrees.

Eastern counties will remain cloudy tomorrow with occasional mist and drizzle. The cloud will break-up in the west during the afternoon and sunshine will develop. Highest tempeatures 13 to 15 degrees.

Sunday: Mostly the day will be dry but a few showers may develop during the afternoon. The morning time will be sunny but cloud will increase through the day. However temperatures will reach 15 or 16 degrees in light southerly breezes.

Monday: For the eastern half of the country Monday will be another dry day with some sunshine, especially during the morning. For more western counties cloud will increase through the morning and scattered outbreaks of rain will develop by afternoon. Generally the rain will be light but may be persistent at times. It will be a cooler day with highest temperatures around 12 or 13 degrees.