Achieving accurate slug pellet application using an app

Certis, a UK company, has developed a new app to ensure that slug pellet applicators are set-up correctly and the pellets are applied accurately.

‘The Calibration Wizard’ can be used on a desktop or mobile device and was developed in partnership with SCS Spreader and Sprayer Testing.

The operator just needs to know the type of slug pellets being applied (Certis pellets), the applicator type, the spread width and the application rate.

This data is entered into the app and a recommendation is returned to the operator. Disc speed, feed rotor settings, aperture settings and the appropriate forward speed will all be outlined in the recommendation.

The app is similar to those used for spreading fertiliser and is essential in ensuring responsible use of plant protection products. The app gives operators confidence that the spread pattern is correct and the appropriate dose is being applied.

“There has never been anything specific to a range of pellet products applied through different applicators, so producing the online tool is a big step in the right direction for the industry,” SCS director Rob Foxall commented.

Harry Raley stated that the Calibration Wizard “will take the guesswork out of applicator setup and improve slug control”.

It will help farmers maintain accuracy between professional checks and when switching between products of different sizes.

“This is important because standard-sized pellets such as Sluxx HP flow from the hopper and spread differently to mini pellets such as Menorexx.

“With the right applicator, setup and field conditions, we will confidently back Sluxx HP [standard-sized pellets] to spread accurately to 36m and Menorexx [mini pellets] to 24m,” he added.