Lyons Farm, situated just north of Ratchcoole, Co. Kildare is the research and teaching farm for University College Dublin (UCD).

It forms part of the teaching and research infrastructure of the College of Health and Agricultural Sciences.

One of its major ongoing research projects is a study of ‘Long-term Pasture Based Production Systems‌’.

Farm systems and carbon management

A key question to be addressed is the “Effect of farm systems on soil carbon sequestration, soil quality and fertility, water quality, net greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity”.

This is a broad brush and with the emphasis being firmly on livestock production, the recording and precise application of the nutrients that have not been absorbed by the animals, is hugely important to understanding the farm system.

Connectivity is vital

When choosing a tanker to apply the slurry produced on the farm, UCD assessed several tankers, including Abbey Machinery’s 3500 recessed tandem axle tanker with trailing shoe applicator and ISOBUS technology.

It was these two features in particular, which persuaded the college to purchase the Tipperary-built machine.

Abbey Tanker lyons farm
UCD Lyons Farm manager Eddie Jordan, machinery manager Ian Fleming and Abbey Machinery head of innovation, Francis Merrigan.

The farm manger is Eddie Jordan who notes that having an ISOBUS system already installed meant that it is compatible with the Trimble GPS system on the college tractors.

This will allow for accurate placement as well as ease the recording of material application, and so assist in reaching the farm’s sustainability goals.

Lyons Farm requires accuracy and precision

Eddie also notes that the department was impressed by the applicator’s capability to maintain pressure in a stable and steady manner on the ground, as well as the ease by which it may be integrated into the present machinery environment.

“Different people will be supporting the study, so it is important that there is an ease of use among the machines, making it intuitive for different users to work the machines effectively to maintain the quality of the study data.”

Abbey Machinery claims that The Recess Tandem range offers flexibility in running larger flotation tyres, reducing ground compaction, while at the same time maintaining a narrow overall width.