1. John Maloney has resigned from Remuneration Committee

While everyone was consumed by the facts and figures around the remuneration of Pat Smith and the Presidents and Deputy Presidents, a little detail on P7 went unnoticed by many.

And that concerned the Remuneration Committee and the fact that John Maloney, former Chief Executive of Glanbia, has resigned from the Committee.

The Executive Board were advised in July this year that the President Eddie Downey had asked John Moloney to be the external member of the committee. His appointment was agreed by the Executive Board.

It was also agreed at the insistence of the National Treasurer, Jer Bergin, that the Remuneration Committee would only set about doing its work when the Executive Council had been informed of its establishment.

Lucey’s report notes that Moloney has since resigned, but no reason is given in the Lucey report.

2. Previous IFA General Secretary Pay Was More

Section III of the Con Lucey Report deals with Pat Smith’s remuneration. While it was old news that Smith enjoyed a total package of €542,634 in 2013, Lucey says that Smith asked for a number of things to be noted in his report.

“Mr Smith’s total remuneration (excluding pension) received for 2014 and 2015 was as stated, €295,000, which was very significantly less than the salary and bonus paid to his predecessor as General Secretary in 2007 and 2008.”

Smith’s predecessor was Toomevara man Michael Berkery, who has reminded the IFA of the confidentiality agreements surrounding his contracts with IFA.

3. Dowling Report comes in for Criticism

Michael Dowling, the former General Secretary of the IFA, conducted a review and report of the IFA in 2004, called for structural changes in the IFA. At the time Dowling was head of Agricultural Strategy with AIB and some of the changes implemented on the back of his report included the merging of two county roles into one.

The former National Executive Committee was removed as a result of the Dowling Review in 2005, consisted of members of the Executive Board and according to Lucey was a very useful forum in the past for the coordination of national policy.

Lucey, in his report, has criticised these two changes and says that serious consideration should be given to reverse these two changes.

4. Payment of IFA Representatives on Outside Boards

The Con Lucey report has a three page appendix which outlines all the IFA representatives on outside bodies and boards in 2015.

The people who receive pay for these positions are:

  • Tim O’Leary (Teagasc Executive Council) €11,970
  • President (FBD Holdings) €39,600
  • John Bryan; General Secretary; Diarmuid Lally; K Kiersey; B Donnelly (Farmer Business Developments PLC) €6,600 each.
  • General Secretary and Jer Bergin (FBD Trust Company LTD) €5,000.
  • Pat Smith, Jer Bergin, James Kelly (€35,000), Ken Heade (€30,000) (IFA Telecom LTD) (Jer Bergin declined to take any fee for IFA Telecom)
  • President (Bord Bia) €11,970
  • Henry Burns, John Lynsey, Pat O’Flaherty (Bord Bia Meat and Livestock Board/Producer Liaison Board) €5,865.
  • Rowena Dwyer (National Statistics Board) €5,985
  • Teddy Cashman (National Dairy Council) €15,000
  • Sean O’Leary (Ornua) non disclosure of amount
  • M Fleming (COFORD) €950
  • John Bryan (European Economic and Social Committee) reimbursement per meeting

5. Pat Smith on the pay of previous Presidents

Con Lucey’s report also states that Pat Smith wants it noted that the Presidents’ and Vice Presidents pay before his appointment was significantly more than what was received by the President and Deputy President in 2008.

Smith said he worked closely with all the Presidents during his time to ensure the success of the Organisation.

Lucey’s report goes on to say that Smith wants it noted that the manner in which Eddie Downey and his family have been treated by some officers of the Association is, in his opinion nothing short of disgraceful. In Mr Smith’s opinion Mr Downey is a true IFA man and a real leader.