Mild weather sees spike in cases of Blowfly on sheep farms

Mild weather in recent weeks has seen a spike in the number of Blowfly cases reported by farmers across the country.

Agriland in association with Elanco is running a Blowfly outbreak monitoring campaign across Ireland.

We have developed an interactive map to see if your region has been affected.

With milder weather comes the increased risk of Blowfly, or maggots, on sheep farms and after the mild winter this year sheep farmers should be on the lookout for signs of Blowfly.

Widespread cases of blowfly have been reported from Kerry to Louth. Counties Mayo and Galway have reported the highest incidence of blowfly to date.

elanco blowfly

Blowfly strike is weather-dependent and unpredictable weather makes early and late blowfly challenge a particular problem.

As soil temperatures rise above 9 degrees overwintered blowfly larvae will start to develop in adult blowflies. The flies are attracted by the odours of excessive sweating and decaying organic matter and will lay eggs in a sheep’s fleece allowing maggots to develop and feed on the animal’s flesh.

Submit a report if you’ve been affected to be in with a chance to win a years supply of CLiK or CLiKZiN products.

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