Straw prices edge closer to the €30/bale mark

Straw prices have edged closer to the €30/bale mark over the past few weeks a review of advertisements on Donedeal has shown.

The increase in straw prices in recent weeks has coincided with the start of the calving and lambing season on Irish farms.

Straw prices are generally higher along the west coast, with 4X4 round bales of straw being advertised for €35/bale in Co. Mayo.

Generally prices are ranging from €25-30/bale, with only a few exceptions advertising their straw for slightly less.

Sample prices 4X4 round bales:
  • Tyrone – €26
  • Antrim – €22
  • Mayo – €35
  • Galway – €30
  • Laois – €24
  • Wicklow – €27
  • Kerry – €30
  • Clare – €25

Meanwhile, large square bales of straw are being advertised for between €32-50/bale, depending on the size.

Straw Market

With the calving and lambing season now underway sheds of straw are being emptied out across the country, according to a spokesperson from the Irish Grain Growers Association.

“Hauliers and farmers have had deals done early, so most customers have been looked after. Sheds are emptying out now and hopefully this bodes well for the next harvest season.

Sheds of straw were also emptied out last year, so we should have hauliers and farmers waiting at the field gate at harvest time waiting to take the straw.

“Next harvest we would be expecting straw to sell for at least €12/bale off the field in the southeast, and more in other parts of the country,” the spokesperson said.

At the moment straw prices are where they should have been all along. There are a number of factors which justify this price, including handling costs, storage costs and other risks, the spokesperson added.

Comparisons to Hay and Silage

Straw prices have far exceeded the price of both hay and silage. Currently the average price of a 4X4 round bale of hay is approximately €25/bale.

The highest priced hay advertised on Donedeal was €30/bale in Co. Galway, while this fell to as low as €15/bale in both counties Cork and Kilkenny.

With regards to silage, the average price stands at close to €20/bale across the country. However, this can drop to as low as €16/bale in both counties Tipperary and Offaly.