The latest version of Norbrook’s free iPhone app, has just been approved by Apple with new features aimed to make life easier for veterinary practitioners.

The ‘Norbook Veterinary Excellence Tool (VET)’ now includes fluid and nutrition calculators. The fluid calculator allows users to quickly and conveniently calculate infusion rates based on factors including a patient’s weight, reason for fluid therapy and choice of product to be infused.

The nutrition calculator will calculate weight of food to give daily to a patient based on animal weight, calorie density of food and nutritional requirements. It will also calculate approximate energy density of food based on fat, protein and carbohydrate requirements, where this information is not readily available.

Norbrook’s Veterinary Advisor, Maura Langan MVB said the Norbrook app is part of our on-going commitment to provide practical support to Irish vets. “This latest feature will significantly help busy practitioners, giving them access to vital information at the touch of a button.”

She said the Norbrook app is targeted primarily at vets but also offers a range of features that are beneficial to farms and trade store owners, including a ‘find your vet or trade rep’ feature, incorporating geo-targeting functionality and a dosing calculator allowing for the rapid calculation of the single dose for an individual animal of Norbrook’s numerous products.

It also includes information on Norbrook’s full range of animal health medicines including pharmaceutical presentation, uses, dosage and administration, withdrawal periods, contraindications and warnings, as well as pharmaceutical precautions.