Rain is frequently a source of displeasure to many farmers, resulting in delays in fieldwork and harvesting. However, we all know that without it, production would not be possible.

Water has become a fairly major cost on many units and controlling these costs is as important as any other input. Harvesting rainwater, which at times falls all too freely, is one way to minimise water supply costs.

With this in mind, CAFRE are running a workshop examining rainwater harvesting as an option for a farm business. This will be held on Thursday 27 March at the Dairy Development Centre, New Dairy Unit, Greenmount Campus, Antrim. Two sessions will be held the first beginning at 10am the second at 2pm.

The workshop will consider the benefits of installing a rainwater harvesting system and help farmers to identify all their existing sources of water use. We will examine how and where water is used, calculate water cost and how much you should be using, identifying and comparing water efficiency practices. Farmers will also be shown around the rainwater harvesting system installed at the new dairy unit.

Different rainwater harvesting systems will be discussed including, collection, filtration, pipework and backup systems. Typical running costs for a rainwater harvesting system will also be explored.

By Cathal Ellis, Renewable Energy Technologist, Greenmount Campus, CAFRE

To book your place at the above event, please contact Technology Administration at [email protected] or telephone on 028 9442 6770. For further information on the Rainwater Harvesting workshop, please contact Cathal Ellis at [email protected] or by telephone 028 9442 6793.