An Agriland poll on the impending publication of farmers payment details has found that 66% of respondents are against the move.

The Department of Agriculture has taken the decision to publish details of 130,000 farmers and rural enterprises farm payments in the coming months.

The decision to publish the details comes on the back requirements under European Commission regulations and is set to include names, addresses and the total amount received under all CAP schemes.


Farm organisations have came out strongly against the move.

Some organisations cite the fear that the details could play into the hands of criminals who may target farmers. Others say publishing the payment details is an invasion of privacy and farmers right to confidentiality should be respected.

Furthermore, some say that publishing the details of farmers payments would be extremely divisive among farmers leading to envy and jealousy.

Others, however defend the decision saying that public money is public money and the details of who gets the payments and how much they get should be in the public domain.

Also, some say that publishing the details would be in the interest of many farmers and serve to highlight perceived inequality in the system.

Latest figures from the Department of Agriculture show that 216 farmers received more than €100,000 of a Single Farm Payment last year. At the other end of the scale 84,153 farmers received less than €10,000 annually as their Single Farm Payment in 2014.