Less than 10% of normal rainfall fell last week, according to Met Eireann as the majority of the country basked in summer sunshine.

The trend is set to continue this week again, with well below average rainfall expected in most parts.

Soil temperatures have also been on the rise in recent times with temperatures nationally in the range of 13-15 degrees allowing for good grass growth in most parts.


Today will be dry in most areas, according to Met Eireann with some sunny spells in places, especially in the east and south.  Maximum temperatures 16 to 20 degrees Celsius, with light southerly or variable breezes.

Tuesday, will also be mainly dry, with some bright or sunny spells, especially in the east and southeast, but Atlantic coastal areas will remain dull and misty, with patches of drizzle and fog. Warm and humid. Maximum temperatures 16 to 22 Celsius, in a moderate southwest breeze.

Met Eireann says overall, a lot of dry weather for the rest of the week, with many areas seeing little or no rainfall. However, it says there will be some small amounts of rain and drizzle, mainly in the west and north.

Wednesday will be mainly dry, with some bright or sunny spells, but a few spots of light rain or drizzle will occur.

Met Eireann says it will be warm and humid in the south and east, with maximum temperatures of 17 to 21 degrees, a little fresher in the north and west, with values of 14 to 17 degrees.

Thursday is set to be mainly dry, with a mix of cloud and sunny spells. Maximum temperatures of 15 to 18 in the west and north, but 18 to 22 elsewhere.

Friday and the weekend

According to Met Eireann the outlook is uncertain, but early indications suggest that there will still be a good deal of dry weather, although a few showers or spots of rain are possible and it may turn a little cooler and fresher over the weekend.