Effective nutrition, proper animal health and possible finishing practices will all be discussed at an upcoming Gain information evening on beef.

This information evening will take place in the Abbeyleix Manor Hotel at 7.30pm on September 3.

The event will focus on effective animal nutrition, the importance of herd health for animal performance and also the current situation of the Irish beef industry along with future potential markets, organisers says.

Speakers at the event include Teagasc’s James Keane, Gain’s Willie Darmody and Glanbia vet Shane McElroy.

Keane will highlight the different finishing systems farms can undertake and will focus on a wide range of production systems from 16 month bull beef, 19 month heifer right through to 24-28 month steer finishing.

He will also discuss the important limiting factors of beef systems particularly land, labour and finishing units.

Gain’s Willie Darmody will also be on hand to highlight the importance of correct nutrition and how this effects animal performance.

The use of additives will be discussed along with mineral supplementation. The Gain specialist will also offer advice of the different diets available for different finishing systems, says Gain.

Glanbia vet Shane McElroy will illustrate how animal performance can be maximised through effective animal health prevention and treatment, Gain says.

He will also focus on parasite control and the bacterial and respiratory diseases effecting beef animals and how best to control them. The Glanbia vet will also discuss the costs associated with a disease outbreak on farm, it says.