March domestic milk intake up by over 5m litres

Domestic milk intake was up 5.3 million litres or 1.1% in March on the same month last year, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

Its figures show that domestic milk intake by creameries and pasteurisers was estimated at 473.4 million litres for March 2014. This was 1.1% above the corresponding 2013 figure.

Comparing the March 2014 milk produce figures with those for March 2013 shows that total milk sold for human consumption increased by 9.0% to 44.9 million litres. Butter production was up 19.0% to 14,400 tonnes.

March 2014 Milk intake
Source: CSO

Milk imported into Ireland was also up in March following increases in January and February on the corresponding months in 2013. In total 40.2 million litres of milk was imported in March up 8% on the same month last year.

Milk take is also up across the European Union. Latest figures show the total milk intake in the EU for the month of January was found to be 11,926,000 tonnes representing a 4.7% increase on 2013.

Countries which have seen significant increases include; Belgium, Estonia, Latvia and Romania. Germany and the Netherlands which process over 3.7 million tonnes of milk between them have seen an increases of 4% and 5% in January compared to the same month in 2013.

March 2014 Milk intake graph
Source: CSO