Cold and wet weather hits fertiliser sales

The recent cold and wet weather has slowed down grass growth and fertiliser sales, according to the IFA’s latest fertiliser market update.

According to the update price has also been another factor affecting demand and it noted that the silage cutting season has not got into full swing yet.

It says fertiliser and in particular CAN prices have eased lately due to significant buyer resistance.

The IFA says purchasing / buyer groups are continuing to secure significant discounts on official quotes.

It says competition for this business has been intense as a number of the major players compete head on for it.

Farmers should continue to shop around as prices have fallen of late, it says.

Region CAN !8-6-12 27-2.5-5 24-2.5-10
  Big Bag, delivered Bulk Big Bag, delivered Granulated Big bag delivered Granulated Big bag delivered
Munster 320– 360 NA 420– 455 425 – 450 435 – 455
Connaught 325  – 360 NA 420  – 460 430 – 450 440 – 465
South Leinster 310–  350 NA 410– 445 415 – 445 425-  455
North Leinster 306 –  355 285 – 290 410- 440 410 – 450 420 – 460
Ulster 320 –  365 NA 420 – 445 425 – 455 428 – 460

IFA calls for an immediate suspension of EU fertiliser import duties

The IFA is to ask the European Commission to suspend all EU fertiliser import duties with immediate effect, according to the Association’s president Eddie Downey.

“This step must be taken as a matter of priority and should precede an official investigation by Brussels into the workings of the EU fertiliser market,” he said.

Downey was speaking in the wake of the recent IFA fertiliser conference. He said that the Commission must examine why lower production costs have not been reflected in fertiliser prices paid by farmers.