Christmas Day weather is being predicted as cold and frosty by Met Eireann with the run-up to Thursday to see bright and breezy weather.

Today will be a breezy day with southwest winds fresh to strong and gusty in most places. Outbreaks of rain will be heavy and persistent over Ulster and Connacht, extending to parts of Leinster and West Munster but it will stay largely dry across southern coastal counties. Temperatures remaining at 10 to 12 degrees generally but dropping a couple of degrees across Ulster later.

There’ll be very little change overnight, according to Met Eireann. Winds will ease over northern parts and temperatures will be between 7 and 9 degrees in Ulster, but otherwise the outbreaks of rain and breezy conditions will continue and temperatures across the rest of the country will remain unchanged.


Tuesday, will continue wet and breezy and mild with temperatures unchanged from overnight values. The winds will ease in the north and the outbreaks of rain will then slowly begin to clear southwards as a cooler northwest breeze becomes established later, Met Eireann says.

As the last of the rain clears the southeast, it’ll become dry and clear on Tuesday night, and it will turn colder too as a moderate west to northwest wind becomes established over the country. Temperatures will fall to between plus 1 and plus 3 degrees.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, will be mainly dry, according to Met Eireann with some sunshine will develop for most places but Atlantic showers will affect coasts, dying out before making any progress inland. It will be a noticeably colder day though with a moderate westerly wind, decreasing light later.

Christmas Day

Thursday, Christmas Day, will start out cold and frosty. It will be a dry day with light winds and with some sunshine too. Temperatures will be low, between about 4 and 7 degrees, coldest in the east. Winds will be light westerly or variable in direction. Under clear skies on the night of Christmas temperatures will fall to between minus 2 and minus 4 degrees as winds fall off and skies clear.