The past months have been tough for farmers wanting to buy machinery for their businesses. Global shortages not only continue to increase prices, but often make it merely impossible to get the desired equipment.

Wexford county’s John and Conor Crean Murphy (pictured top) of CM Farms, third generation arable farmers, took a very different and surprisingly easy chance to get their new Claas Lexion 760.

When John and Conor Crean Murphy decided early in the year to get a new combine for CM Farms in Curracloe, Co. Wexford, they came well ahead of time to beat the masses ordering farm machinery for the upcoming season.

“Little did we know that, eventually, we would get a machine from the other side of the continent: From Bulgaria,” said John, looking back at their purchasing journey.

The father and son are more than happy with it. What made the Crean Murphy family of CM Farms buy from abroad, though?

Combing for a Claas combine

The farmers’ search for a Claas combine initially got them to visit local dealers in their area. They soon realised that there would be no suitable machine to meet their needs in specs and condition.

The family business of growing wheat, barley, and oats, as well as producing silage and hay on a contractual basis nationwide, calls for reliable machinery for the upcoming season.

John and Conor decided to try something they had never considered before: They went on the internet to search for combines there. Quickly, the two came across E-FARM.COM.

efarm native
Transporting combines is complicated, but E-FARM has years of experience in providing international delivery

E-FARM.COM, the German online platform for used farm machinery, offers more than 10,000 machines Europewide to suit every budget. John Crean Murphy quickly got in touch.

“I was sceptical of buying a combine online in the beginning,” John Crean Murphy admitted.

“However, with summer approaching and no combine in sight, I knew I wanted to give E-FARM a chance.”

He soon discovered the advantages of looking online and abroad, though. While local dealers struggle with low stocks, E-FARM’s business model helps find a suitable machine by looking across borders.

“We explained what we were looking for and then received lists of potential combines from all over Europe to suit our requirements.”

“We currently see a lot of cases like this one of Mr. Crean Murphy,” said Joshua Belmonte, Country Manager for Ireland at E-FARM.COM.

“Delivery delays for machine parts, as well as exceptionally high demand in new farm machinery have now also reached the market for used machines. Until only recently, farmers could choose what machine they wanted and when. Now waiting times have increased, while buyers must take whatever is available locally.”

John and Conor were lucky, though. Within a short time, the E-FARM team found them a 2017 Claas Lexion 760 4WD and a Claas Vario 930 header, low in hours and in a condition to suit their needs perfectly.

High standards for farm machinery

Joshua Belmonte explains: “The story around this Claas Lexion 760 is an excellent example of how internationalised the market for used farm machinery already is.”

When E-FARM.COM sourced the Claas combine for John Crean Murphy, it had already made an impressive journey from Denmark through Germany to Bulgaria which is where E-FARM shipped it from to Ireland.

According to Joshua, such trips have long since ceased to be a rarity. “For us at E-FARM, transporting large machines across Europe is daily business.”   

“I keep reading about having to lower one’s sights when it comes to purchasing farm machinery in the current market and times. However, spending such a big amount of money we do not want our customers to compromise,” Joshua added – and farmers do not have to.

E-FARM.COM offers a full-service package to make buying abroad safe and easy. The neutral inspection service on the dealer’s premises guarantees insights into the machine’s condition, without buyers having to travel.

“At the time of inspection, we received a detailed video of the combine along with a report. This allowed us to view the machine and see its condition first-hand,” said John Crean Murphy.

Transport service

The Crean Murphys also made use of the transport service. Thanks to a network of reliable transport companies to pick from, E-FARM.COM guarantees best prices and quick delivery of machines. Here, synergy effects come to play, something local suppliers usually cannot provide.

Online purchases with E-FARM never feel impersonal or automated, though. As Conor Crean Murphy describes it: “We found the one-to-one direct communication on the phone with Josh at E-FARM to be a friendly personal experience, unlike dealing via e-mail.

Two Fendt tractors bought on E-FARM.COM ready for being transported from Germany to Spain

“We appreciate all of the necessary efforts to ensure that the combine was delivered professionally, safely and at the best cost price. In conclusion, we would have no hesitation in recommending or dealing with E-FARM in the future,” he added.

Are you interested in finding out more about buying used farm machinery with E-FARM.COM?

Check out the website by clicking here, where you’ll find current machine offers and more information on transport, financing, and warranty options.