It can be exciting news for breeders when they hear that AI straws of popular old pedigree sires come back onto the scene once again.

This is the case for pedigree Simmental breeders, as two old sires that supplies were thought to be ran out, are once again available for purchase.

Progressive Genetics is now distributing a limited supply of straws from Simmental sires Hillcrest Butcher (HBE) and Monaduff Lord (MUU) on behalf of Alex Ross of the Monaduff Simmental herd.

Hillcrest Butcher

Simmental Sire: Hillcrest Butcher
Hillcrest Butcher

A sire that is well-known in Simmental breeding circles, Hillcrest Butcher, originated from the Hillcrest herd owned by Paudge Mulhare. He is sired by Magheracrigan Special and out of a dam sired by Siegfried.

Speaking to Agriland this week about Butcher, Progressive Genetics representative Martin Regan stated:

“Hillcrest Butcher speaks for himself, he is one of the real old breeders that bred some super cows along the way.

“He is a bull [whose] back breeding would be found in a lot of the pedigree Simmentals in both in Ireland and the UK.

“We haven’t seen a lot of calves off him lately, obviously because his semen was scarcely available, but he is an option for breeders again.”

Monaduff Lord

Simmental Sire: Monaduff Lord
Monaduff Lord

Monaduff Lord is also available for breeders again. He is sired by Brinkton Sovreign and out of a dam sired by Magheracrigan Special. Commenting on Lord, Martin stated:

“Lord is also a good Simmental bull that would have been classed as a more terminal sire in his day rather than a maternal sire. He was a big ‘scopey’ bull, with a deep red coat and a great carcass to match.”

As mentioned above, the semen is currently being marketed by Progressive Genetics and is priced at €200/straw for Hillcrest Butcher – with Monaduff Lord straws selling at €60/straw.