Don't compromise on performance this summer

In order to maintain adequate growth rates throughout the summer season and to reduce the risk of disease going into the peak risk period of late autumn/early winter, treatments should be considered for at-risk cattle during the summer grazing season.

Closamectin Pour On® is the low stress, effective way to treat fluke and worms this summer to ensure maximum productivity, and to reduce the threat of disease going into the peak risk period later in the grazing season.

Closamectin Product Shot

*Not authorised for use in cattle producing milk for human consumption, including during the dry period. Do not use during the second half of pregnancy in heifers which are intended to produce milk for human consumption. Please read the product data sheet and seek advice before use. The dosing programme should be established with your veterinary practitioner, animal health adviser or licenced merchant.

Manufactured and distributed in NI by:Norbrook Laboratories Ltd, Station Works, Newry, Co. Down, BT35 6JP.
Distributed in ROI by: Norbrook Laboratories (Ireland) Ltd, Rossmore Industrial Estate, Monaghan, County Monaghan.
Distributed in GB by: Norbrook Laboratories (GB) Ltd, 1 Saxon Way East, Oakley Hay Industrial Estate, Corby, NN18 9EX.
Legal Category: ROI: LM UK: POM-VPS Closamectin Pour on Solution for Cattle contains 200mg/ml Closantel and 5mg/ml Ivermectin.