2019 Farm Plastics Bring Centres

Bulk Fertiliser/Meal Bags
Remove Liners
Small Fertiliser/Meal Bags
Incl Bulk Liners
Must be triple Rinsed
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Only €10 per ½ tonne fertiliser bag
Netting & Twine
Only €5 per ½ tonne bag with the NEW Netting label code (otherwise €15 per bag)

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How to present Waste at Bring Centres?

Chemical Drums

Chemical Drums
€10 Per 1/2 Tonne Fertiliser Bag

Please ensure drums are triple rinsed. Segregated & bagged in old half tonne fertiliser bag.

Fertiliser & Meal Bags

Fertiliser and Meal Bags
€10 Per 1/2 Tonne Fertiliser Bag

Half tonne fertiliser and feed bags. Ensure all liners are removed. Segregated & bagged in old half tonne fertiliser bag.

Small Feed Bags

Small Feed Bags
€10 Per 1/2 Tonne Fertiliser Bag

Small fertiliser and meal bags, liners from 1/2 tonne bags and covers off fertiliser pallets. Segregated & bagged in old half tonne fertiliser bag.

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Recycle Silage Plastic €20 per 1/2 Tonne

Please bring the label code and proof of purchase (Invoice/Sales Docket). Please ask your supplier for the IFFPG Label Code Number. The code proves that you are purchasing levied plastic.

Silage Wrap & Sheeting

Silage Wrap and Sheeting
€20 per half tonne with Label code

Deliver loose.

Netting & Twine

Netting and Twine
€5 per ½ tonne Bulk Bag with New Netting Label code

Please ensure netting & twine is segregated from all other plastic and presented in an old half tonne fertiliser/feed bag.

What happens to the plastic collected?

All farm plastics that are collected by IFFPG get converted into new products. The products manufactured from recycled farm plastics include:

Refuse Sacks
Refuse Sacks
Plastic Pipes
Damp Proofing
Damp Proofing
Garden Furniture
Garden Furniture

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