Young farmers place ‘huge importance’ on agriculture education

Young farmers place a huge importance and value on receiving agricultural education prior to commencing their careers in farming, according to Macra na Feirme.

This was confirmed following Macra’s five Common Agricultural Policy post-2020 consultations, which took place around the country over the last few weeks.

At the CAP 2020 consultations, over 90% of young farmers surveyed were in favour of completing agricultural education in order to receive a direct payment, Macra figures show.

Young farmer education has been a cornerstone of Macra since the organisations foundation in 1944, Macra na Feirme President Sean Finan said.

Macra has worked with the industry and the Government throughout history to continuously improve the livelihoods of young farmers through education and training, he added.

We are delighted and heartened that the value of education is so well respected and valued by young farmers, as is evident in the results of our young farmer survey.

“The value of agricultural education has been questioned recently, we as an organisation and our young farmer membership will not tolerate any attacks or attempts to undermine the professionalism of farming by devaluing agricultural education.”

The organisation believes farmers, both young and old, are the fulcrum of a secure food supply and require constant upskilling to ensure they can deliver safe quality food to satisfy the needs of the consumer.

Macra has declared that the development of agricultural education will remain a central plank of its CAP post 2020 policy which it will be submitting in the near future to the EU Commission.

Voice of rural young people must be heard in Brexit debate

The rural youth of Ireland will be disadvantaged more than their urban counterparts post-Brexit and their needs must be considered, Finan recently said.

He was speaking at Department of Children and Youth Affairs dialogue on Brexit in Croke Park on January 30.

Participants discussed how the UK leaving the EU will affect the lives of young people on the island of Ireland.

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Katherine Zappone, hosted the event and was present to hear the view of Ireland’s youth.

The free movement of young people post-Brexit between Ireland and the UK is very important, Finan said.