Win an automatic footbath from Efficient Farm Systems

Efficient Farm Systems, Ireland’s leading supplier of heat detection, health monitoring and agri-tech equipment, is giving dairy farmers a chance to win an automatic footbath.

The lucky farmer will win a 3m automatic Hoofcount footbath that will save time and labour while reducing lameness and mortellaro. The prize winner will be announced on Friday, July 24, and the automatic footbath will be installed the following week.

The competition is now open: you can enter online here ; or call: 087-9066479.

Why footbath?

Lameness is now a major problem in Irish dairy herds: It has become the second-largest dairy cow health challenge after mastitis. Up to 89% of dairy cows may be affected by digital dermatitis, more commonly known as mortellaro.

The condition is caused by a combination of bacteria present on most dairy farms. These bacteria are picked up on the hoof and eventually become an infection on the soft tissue at the back of the heel, visible as strawberry-like lesions.

This infection can cause severe pain, restrict mobility and reduce feed intake. The net result is reduced milk yield and fertility and ultimately reduced profit margins.

The actual cost per cow per year in a herd with a 20% infection rate is estimated to be €98/cow, which equates to losses of €9,800 in a 100-cow dairy herd.

Lameness is a significant welfare problem and leads to the following:

  • Loss of milk production;
  • Decreased fertility;
  • Poor longevity;
  • Increased trimming costs;
  • Extra unnecessary labour.

Effective and automated footbathing is now an essential tool in the prevention of hoof health problems. Efficient Farm Systems’ team and experience can provide an automatic footbath and footbath solutions to keep your herd health to an optimum.

What is Hoofcount?

Hoofcount is an automatic footbath that fills, rinses and replenishes itself with water and solution. It can be set to count cows, on a timer or on manual controls.

The chemical concentrations can be set to the desired level and the exact days you want to use it. The two chemical pumps allow for two different solutions to be set for different days. All of this saves time and the hassle of handling chemicals.

Farmers buy Hoofcount for many reasons:

  1. Full marine grade, folded stainless steel;
  2. Cleans and refills with water and chemicals in three minutes;
  3. Hard wearing rubber floor;
  4. Two chemical pumps as standard;
  5. Fully automatic with manual override facility;
  6. Available in 2.5m, 3m and 3.6m lengths;
  7. Suits milking robots, rotaries, rapid exit and standard parlours;
  8. Over 100 Irish farms currently using Hoofcount;
  9. Fully installed and commissioned by trained engineers;
  10. Three-year finance available.

Hoofcount options

There are many options where the automatic footbath will work and whether its rapid exit parlours, herringbones, rotaries or even milking robots, Efficient Farm Systems has a footbath that will fit every farm operation.

Coming in 2.5m, 3m and 3.6m lengths, there is a bath size to suit all farms. The company also tailor makes 1.5 and 2m baths to suit farms where space is tight.

And there is much more too

Hoofcount “Extra F” is a liquid blend of aluminium, formalin, copper, zinc and surfactants. This unique blend offers the most effective solution to not only tackle digital dermatitis and prevent re-occurrences but also to condition the feet.

Extra F is very effective in lower temperatures, unlike formalin, and it can be used as little as 2% depending on the frequency of the visits to the footbath. The product is available in 20L, 205L and 1,000L IBC’s.

What do our customers say?

“Since installing the footbath with my two Lely robots, mortellaro is completely gone from the herd. It’s a great job, easy to use and I’m delighted with the bath,” said Willie Gilligan, from Drumraney, Athlone, Co. Westmeath.

“We have had limited mortellaro after three weeks of foot bathing; very lame cows have significantly improved. It’s very easy on labour and a big time saver,” commented Ray Kealy, from Slane, Co. Meath.

“Foot conditions have improved and there has been a decrease in lameness. It’s simple, reliable and does what it says on the tin,” stated Joe Lucey, from Ovens, Co. Cork.

“We’ve seen huge improvements since we installed the bath; mortellaro has been totally eliminated from the herd,“ remarked Derek Frawley, from Croagh, Co. Limerick.

To win this excellent prize of an automatic footbath, please enter online by clicking here