Win a tonne of feed and find out how this farmer improved his milk solids and profits

Richard Murphy milks 96 cows, mostly British Friesians, in Brownsford, Co. Kilkenny. He switched to GAIN Autumn Extender 16% nut last autumn to improve milk solids and have his cows in good condition for drying off.

Niamh Bambrick, Richard’s GAIN business manager, recommended GAIN Autumn Extender 16% nut as it’s ideal for increasing milk solid production which, in turn, lengthens the lactation period, increasing profitability and sustainability.

Richard supplements with 3.5kg of Autumn Extender concentrate to keep the cows in a fit condition with good body condition score coming into the back end.

“This year, we got two cuts of silage here on the farm. We were back a bit on the first cut but the quality was good and we have to make the rest of it up on the second cut. We should have enough for the year.”

“I will be using GAIN Autumn Extender again this year to improve milk solids and have the cows in good condition for drying off,” says Richard.

What makes GAIN Autumn Extender different?

“GAIN Autumn Extender contains a full range of minerals to prevent grass tetany and includes Agolin which is proven to increase milk yield in dairy cows increasing your profitability,” said Niamh Bambrick.

GAIN Autumn Extender (16%) and GAIN Autumn Achiever (14 % crude protein) are specifically designed to help you extend late lactation dairy cow performance into the autumn.

Suitable for cows at grass, the GAIN Autumn feed range contains a high level of digestible fibre and a balanced level of starch, aiding rumen fermentation.

Both GAIN Autumn Extender and GAIN Autumn Achiever include Agolin, a feed additive for cattle. Agolin has been proven to increase milk yield, milk protein yield and diet efficiency. Agolin is certified by the Carbon Trust to decrease the carbon footprint of milk produced.

It’s essential during this stage in lactation that the cow gets all her necessary vitamins and minerals, to avoid drops in milk production or metabolic diseases. The GAIN Autumn feed range contains the full spectrum of essential elements to support milk production, overall health and fertility.

The GAIN Autumn feed range is formulated to include two different feed rates and crude protein levels, giving greater flexibility when supplementing this autumn.

Formulated to balance and support highly digestible and fermentable grass, their low substitution effect encourages the cow to maximise grass intake and will help improve body condition as dairy herds approach the dry period.

Check out GAIN’s guide to maximising grass utilisation during lactation

The main aim on farm during autumn should be to maximise grass utilisation, while supplementing the herd with the correct feed during late lactation.

Glanbia’s guide covers:

  • Body condition during late lactation;
  • Autumn grassland management;
  • Concentrate feeding during late lactation.

Read the full guide on GlanbiaConnect here

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