What mowers does this Co. Westmeath contractor find exceptionally reliable?

Farmhand became the exclusive Irish importer for Krone in 1962. According to Stephen Scrivener, sales and marketing director for Farmhand, the success of all Krone disc mowers is based on a clean cut, reasonably priced wear parts and unmatched longevity.

“Krone mowers have been our star product over the last 10 years. They might be built in Germany but they are clearly designed for tough Irish conditions,” claimed Stephen Scrivener.

Krone spoke to Thomas Ennis-Lennon of Ennis-Lennon Contracting, Ballymore, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, who swapped from a competitive brand mower to a set of Krone mowers, the ECR320CV and ECF320CV front mower with conditioners, in 2015.

“I was chatting to a friend and he had just bought himself a Krone mower. He was adamant we should try them and that’s how we ended up with the two mowers. We were so impressed we later bought two rakes and a harvester,” Thomas stated.

Easy to maintain

“We are delighted with the mowers, they do a good job; they’re easy driven; easy to get heavy grass through them,” he explained. “They do great mowing and have a good conditioner on them.”

Krone are the mower specialists with 58 different models from the BigM to 2m farmer machines. Thanks to their heavy build and well thought-out design, they have become an Irish farmer and contractor favourite.

“The Krone mowers have been exceptionally reliable,” explained Thomas. “We’re cutting about 1,200ac a year and have yet to replace anything but standard wear parts – not bad going for five seasons.”

Excellent suspension system

Furthermore, Thomas went on to say: “The Krone mower gives a good clean cut and floats well over the ground.”

A clean cut is essential for producing quality forage. All EasyCut Krone mowers come as standard with the unique Krone DuoGrip suspension system. This system suspends the disc mower in its centre of gravity which allows it to float on even the most hilly terrain.

Krone DuoGrip suspends the mower in its centre of gravity maintaining a consistent ground pressure across the full working width

It maintains a consistent ground pressure across the full working width which produces the cleanest cut. EasyCut is also standard across all Krone mowers which allows you to change the direction of any disc easily.

Genuine parts at affordable prices

“It is a well-balanced mower,” explained Thomas. “When it comes to changing the blades, it is a handy job thanks to the quick-change blade system.”

All Krone beds are fully manufactured and tested in-house by Krone. This means that they run very smoothly and without vibration associated with other brands of mower.

“Genuine Krone knives are also cheaper to buy than the cheap spurious blades,” commented Thomas. “We priced the non-genuine but they actually worked out 40c more expensive.”

All Krone parts are sold at a set price across Europe. This means that an Irish farmer pays the same for genuine Krone parts as a Polish or French farmer. In this way, parts’ prices are fair.

Clean cut in all conditions

“One of the features I really like is the cutterbar,” explained Thomas. “They do a great job of mowing cleanly.”

Unlike many other mower beds, the Krone mower features a one-piece fully welded casing made of heavy gauge steel for huge strength and durability. The wedge shape gives a clean cut, even in lodged crops.

Provides peace of mind

The situation is familiar to every farmer or contractor – the mower strikes a large rock or other foreign object and you’re facing a big repair bill.

Tried and tested in Ireland over many years, SafeCut is a patented Krone system that protects the complete driveline in the mower bed. There is a roll-pin in the hub of the mower so if you hit a foreign object, the roll pin snaps and the disc threads up and out of the way so no major damage is caused.

If the disc hits a foreign object instead of transferring the shock to the gears, the roll pin in the sprocket driveshaft breaks and the disc spins up and out of the way preventing damage to the gears or neighbouring discs

If you do happen to hit something, a 10-minute job and a 20c part is all it takes to get you mowing again.

“We have not been in a situation where we’ve needed SafeCut yet but knowing it is there is reassuring,” Thomas concluded.

For more information on Krone Mowers, contact Cormac Megaw on: 087-9055393. Alternatively, go online at: https://farmhand.ie/krone/disc-mowers/.