What can I do with my real Christmas tree now that the holiday season is over?

Real Christmas tree sales have increased this season on Christmas 2017 levels, with most sellers reporting an increase in sales.

This is according to chairman of the Irish Christmas Tree Growers, Christy Kavanagh, who offered suggestions on what householders can do with their old Christmas tree.

What we suggest is that people put the tree out in the garden and plant sweet pea or runner beans around it.

Kavanagh explained that the branches on the tree “act like a trellis” for plants like sweet pea to grow on.

He continued: “The outcome is a beautiful cone of sweet pea or runner beans.”

Kavanagh, who owns Kavanagh Christmas Trees in Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow, added: “If people choose not to do this, they can simply bring the tree to the nearest recycling centre.”

Why are more people buying ‘real Christmas trees’?

Kavanagh believes that more people are opting to buy real Christmas trees for the festivities because “there is a move away from the plastic tree to the real tree and people are putting more than one tree in their homes now. Plastic is becoming a bad word”.

People are becoming more responsible for the environment and they like to do their bit.

Concluding, Kavanagh said: “This season, sales were very positive and if the trend keeps going, I believe next year is going to be the same.”