John, Tom and Catherine Barron are in a farm partnership in Co. Waterford. Together, they milk over 230 cows on Lagg Farm, located in Toureena between the Knockmealdown and Comeragh mountains.

The herd is spring calving, and the trio begin the dry period on the farm from mid-November onwards. This year, like many other farms, they will be using selective dry cow therapy (SDCT).

Dry period

Supplementation of the pregnant cow with adequate trace minerals and vitamins is essential.

Firstly, a newborn calf relies on the dam for trace minerals and nutrients and getting this nutrition right will produce a healthy calf.

Secondly, the dry period is a vital time for recovery and allows the cow time to heal and repair any minor injuries or damage caused during the milking period.

Balancing the mineral and vitamin supply in the cow is a vital step in achieving low cell counts, reduced incidences of mastitis and minimising other health issues post calving.

The Barron’s cows milk for 300 days and their heifers milk for 270 days. The Barron’s confirmed: “None of our heifers have high cell counts and we are currently producing just shy of 500kg of milk solids.

“We use Cow Care as we dry the cows off and we don’t put them through the crush again until vaccinating at Christmas time.

“We find it (Cow Care) very easy to administer too, especially as we dry off in batches.”

With Cow Care, according to dairy farmer, John Barron, cases of mastitis are “nearly non-existent”.

“High cell counts are not an issue anymore on the farm either,” he said.

Cow Care

Agri-Lloyd’s Cow Care is proven to help maintain general health while supporting fertility in dairy cows and the viability of newborn calves.

It is formulated based on the clinically known needs of the animal and high bioavailability of micro-nutrients to correct nutritional imbalances.

In an Independent trial works carried out by the Agricultural Development and Advisory Service (ADAS), it was assessed on its impact on dairy cow health and fertility and calf viability.

Some of the key findings are as follows:

  • Calf mortality rates reduced by over 50%;
  • Reduced clinical mastitis by 46%;
  • Reduced number of barren cows by 33%;
  • Improved pregnancy rates to first service by over 35%.

“Since using Cow Care our cows are healthier and hold condition, while calf loses are minimal,” the Barrons said.


Agri-Lloyd has been a leader in the field of animal health and nutrition over the past 35 years. Part of the Tangerine Group, it is a privately owned family business manufacturing products across the farming and veterinary sectors.

Agri-Lloyd has continually invested in research and clinical trials to prove the performance of their products as they strive to find better solutions for farmers in Ireland and the UK.

All Agri-Lloyd’s products have been developed using an evidence-based approach with John Barron confirming that “this makes [him] 100% confident in their products”.

According to Agri-Lloyd’s National Product Manager, John Molloy, all of the company’s laboratories are industry accredited ensuring high standards at all times.

This allows them to test a whole variety of parameters which provides customers with a detailed profile of the nutritional value of their forage at all stages of development, from in the field pastures to silage in the pit.

Discussing the benefits of monitoring forage quality, John Barron said: “Knowing the mineral analysis of my grass and silage each year helps us plan to achieve the right nutrition, especially at this time of year.”

With a large sales team all over Ireland supporting customers, conducting forage analysis and rumen audits the Agri-Lloyd team is in constant contact with farmers daily.

Agri-Lloyd has full control throughout the supply chain as production takes place in their state of the art facility in the UK.

This, along with next day delivery here in Ireland, ensures its customers receive a great service.

Whether your dairy needs are nutrition, forage fermentation, rumen stabilising yeasts, calf scours, energy supplements or colostrums, Agri-Lloyd has the solution.

“We first met John Molloy six years ago at the Ploughing match and we have been dealing with him ever since,” said John.

This gives all customers great confidence and combined with good herd management is a reason why the Barrons “plan to work with Agri-Lloyd now and in the future”.

For further product information, trial data or to contact a member of Agri-Lloyd’s sales team, click here.