For economical and low emission slurry spreading, farmers and contractors need flexible and reliable spreading technology.

To work precisely and at the same time achieve high yields, robust and powerful components such as the distributor (also known as macerator) is essential.

As a leading expert in slurry spreading technology, Vogelsang Ireland knows the challenges and demands of small and large farms. With the ExaCut ECL, Vogelang Ireland offers a powerful precision distributor that has also proven itself in Ireland.

The ExaCut ECL can distribute slurry with a high dry matter (DM) content and viscous consistency just as evenly through the spreading system hoses. Its high cutting ability prevents clogging or blockages.

Flexible and versatile

Compactly built and with many configuration options, the ExaCut ECL is suitable for every application and is easy to service. The Vogelsang distributor can be used both centrally and decentrally in the side arms of a spreading system such as a dribble bar or trailing shoe.

Numerous variants are also available for throughput, slurry inlet, hose diameter and the number of outlets.

High cutting ability and no blockages

The Vogelsang precision distributor has a vertical rotor and self-sharpening cutting blades. The distributor reliably cuts fibres and separates foreign bodies such as stones or metal parts via an integrated heavy material separator to protect the entire application system.

Paul Barrett, tillage and beef farmer in Co. Kerry, uses low emission slurry spreading with a 7m trailing shoe. Paul’s goal is to maximise the value of his slurry, especially with the rising costs of artificial fertiliser.

See Paul’s spreading system with the Vogelsang ExaCut ECL in the video below.

Adding, he said:

“The benefits of the ExaCut ECL are its ease of use and good, even distribution, whether thick slurry or thin slurry. I’ve had no issues, and I am happy how the Vogelsang system fits in with my spreading system.”

The sharpness of the ExaCut’s cutting blades maintains over the entire service life and is ensured by the alternating direction of the rotor. This is further enhanced through the eccentric adjuster, which presses the knives onto the cutting ring with constant pressure giving a perfect cutting action.

Controlled and even slurry placement

The smooth running and air suction of the Vogelsang distributor ensure that the slurry flows evenly into the spreading system hoses and that it is well distributed.

As a result, the slurry arrives in a controlled manner on or in the ground. The even placement enables more economical handling of the valuable nutrients in slurry and more environmentally friendly work.

Jamie Hurley from Hurley Agri Services in Co. Waterford, is a contractor and owns a dairy farm. He now applies slurry with a 9m SlurryKat dribble bar combined with the ExaCut ECL.

“With my new spreading system and integrated ExaCut ECL, I can work much more accuracy.

“With the splash plate I used before, it was taking long for the slurry to work. Now, I can deposit the slurry precisely and in the correct quantity, especially with the ExaCut ECL. So, the slurry works faster, and I get in grazing sooner,” Jamie said.

Long service life and easy service

Farmers can easily operate the Vogelsang distributor thanks to its compact construction and service-friendly design. A large service hatch enables access to all important components – even when installed. This significantly reduces downtimes.

Stephen Smyth, company director of Evergreen Fields Ltd. in Co. Galway, works around 10,000ha annually, and spreads around 10,000t of bio-solids digestate with his Major Equipment disc injector and integrated ExaCut ECL. Robust and service-friendly technology plays a vital role for him.

He said:

“The ExaCut ECL offers low maintenance and easy operation.

“We have been using the distributor from Vogelsang over the years with no major issue. It is a good durable product built to take abuse and last,” he added.

Optimal use of nutrients

Those who apply slurry as precisely as possible have a clear advantage from an economic and ecological perspective.

The ExaCut ECL enables controlled fertilisation so that the plant is supplied with all nutrients, but at the same time, is not over-fertilised. Therefore, farmers can do without chemical fertilisers.

Ruairi Delaney in Co. Mayo is a farmer and contractor. For efficient slurry spreading, he relies on a dribble bar system with Vogelsang’s ExaCut ECL distributor.

“I had to go for a low emissions slurry spreading system because I was too high in nitrates for a splash plate. We now getting more value from the slurry through controlled spreading and the Vogelsang distributor.

“We can spread the slurry more easily and more often. The ExaCut is also lighter and compact for our system,” he said.

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